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Twin Atlas is an award winning game development studio helping brands integrate & develop in Roblox to reach players with unforgettable experiences!



Modern brands want a modern way to reach people. That’s where Twin Atlas comes in. We’re a game development studio creating high-fidelity experiences on Roblox and helping organizations understand the platform.

What sets us apart? We design games that match our clients’ exact vision. Through close collaboration, our customers oversee every step of the process. Every single detail represents their vision to the fullest.

our brands

About our brands

With the consolidation of multiple great brands, Twin Atlas will be able to take on even more ambitious projects. 

Sonar Studios

is an independent game studio that makes games on the Roblox platform. Founded in 2019, Sonar began developing Dragon Adventures during the 2019 Summer Roblox Accelerator program, and has since created flagship titles such as Creatures of Sonaria, Winds of Fortune (funded by Roblox's Game Fund program in 2021), and Griffin's Destiny. Sonar Studios currently has over five million MAU, continuing to develop innovative experiences that push the boundaries of the Roblox platform.


is Roblox’s first game developer and publisher operating across the world. Since 2018, RedManta has amassed over 1.5 billion total play sessions with their flagship titles World // Zero and Robloxian High School, holding a CCU record of 72,000 in a single game.

Red Riptide

develops highly addictive multiplayer games aimed at all audiences. Founded in 2019, Red Riptide started as a collaborative studio that developed the title "Captive" which reached a peak of over 5,000 concurrent players overnight. Acquired by Sonar Studios in 2021, Red Riptide is set to create new and exciting multiplayer experiences.

OUR values


Discover what makes us a great place to work.


From the games we create to how we approach our work, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to quality ensures that anyone who interacts with our titles are always happy with their experience.

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For us, integrity is a company core value that means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. This includes being honest with our customers, vendors, and employees, as well as following through on commitments.


We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively and efficiently relay information between individuals and groups. Our commitment to clear and concise communication is foundational to our success as a company.


Our team is always innovating and creating new experiences for our players, and you’ll love our games!

Samuel Garcia

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Schneider

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander Hicks

Chief Design Officer

Mary Rukavina

Director of Creativity

Gavin Rosenthal

Director of Production

Zhong Hu

Director of Operations

Andrew Bereza

Director of Business Development